Winning the Lease-to-Own Game


“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” – Vince Lombardi

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Winning the lease game is pretty simple: pay it off as fast as you can while also avoiding pre-payment penalties.  Here’s the process and a few key terms to know.

What is lease-to-own?

If you haven’t already read our article talking about lease-to-own I recommend checking it out HERE then circling back to this article to help you learn the tips and tricks about how to win this new game.

How To Play and Win

It’s actually pretty easy, here’s the steps:

1.) Get approved – visit, get approved, then shop their site for the item/s that fit within your approval amount.

2.) 90-day buyout – After your initial payment online you will make your remaining payments to Acima credit.  I recommend paying weekly, and budgeting to have your lease paid off 90 days after you made your initial down-payment.  This can help you build your credit while avoiding pre-payment penalties

3.) Re-apply – As soon as you pay off your first lease you can re-apply again on where you can be approved for a higher limit.  repeat customers have the ability to build their approval amount up to $5,000 while simultaneously improving their credit score, and getting the items you want and need for your home!

How THEY Win

Cost Of Ownership – This term is the cost of the item PLUS the total interest and payments over the full lease term.  If you only make your minimum monthly payments you will pay a lot more interest over the entire lease period.

Default – If you miss a payment completely, and/or fail to repay the lease the bank can force you to give back the item/s, you can receive a negative hit to your credit, and there can be other adverse consequences.

Pre-Payment Penalties – Ironically if you pay off your lease faster than 90-days you might incur an additional fee.  Step 2 above helps easily side-step this landmine.

Why is this better than paying for items up-front?

1.) Better quality products – Don’t settle for less, get your family the quality they deserve.

2.) Flexible payment options – Having a tough month?  No problem, as long as you pay the minimum due you will remain in good-standing and have up to a year to pay off your lease if needed.  That’s pretty awesome!

3.) Build your credit – Credit is built on the trust that you can and will pay off your debt.  Use lease-to-own to start building this rapport with lenders.

Lastly, the team over at are more than willing to help you so feel free to reach out to them on chat or give them a call.  Happy shopping, please share your experience with us!

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