Working Mom Lessons Revealed


“You can control two things: your work ethic and your attitude about anything.” – Ali Krieger

Pampered Chef Independent Consultant Elayne Oligschlaeger is a mother of three, living in the Denver-metro area and has been proudly delivering quality kitchen supplies to families and friends for over 14 years. She wanted to share with you her tips and insights for having a successful life and career.

When we first met Elayne her warm smile and handshake lead the way with her greeting. Indeed, a good first impression is key! Next came her passion for for Pampered Chef and the value she brings to the table with her products and service. In asking her about this she shared how important it is to be passionate about what you do.

Elayne says Pampered Chef was started by Doris Christopher out of her home in Chicago 39 years ago. Doris was able to start this tremendously successful business from just a $3,000 loan against her life insurance policy! Her motivation was seeing her friends struggle to make quality meals with low-quality kitchen tools. Doris realized the best way to show off the difference with her cookware was to go to her friends’ homes, demonstrate making easy meals using her cooking tools so they could see and taste the difference. Today Elayne follows in Doris’ footsteps supporting prospects, clients and friends hosting cooking parties to celebrate the quality Pampered Chef delivers on.

We think it’s important though to understand this isn’t Elayne’s first rodeo. She, like so many of us, has tried her hand at several different pursuits; some she failed at, some she learned from and grew beyond, and some she is still pursuing today.

One of Elayne’s early successful failures was selling Discovery toys. This is another network marketing program that took Elayne away from her family too often and she didn’t find paid her enough to justify being away from her family so often. This was successful for her though because it taught her:

  • How to be more comfortable speaking in front of crowds/strangers
  • Opened the door for becoming a Weight Watchers Leader

Elayne also worked at the following careers:

  • 10 years as a speech pathologist
  • 20 years as a Weight Watchers Leader
  • 5 years as a Mortgage Broker
  • 1 year clothing store Clerk
  • Several other smaller pursuits as well as a stay-at-home Mom

“When money is tighter I cook at home. I’m healthier, its easier to maintain weight, and we function better with quality nutrition” says Elayne.

Elayne says some Pampered Chef Consultants earn over $100,000/year! They achieve this by:

  • Focusing on solutions
  • consistently offering both products and career opportunities to new prospects and existing customers
  • follow up with their customers and prospects
  • Host more parties

If you want to be successful, cautions Elayne, you have to do ALL THE STEPS!

Elayne says its important to take care of her customers. When she meets somebody who isn’t getting great use out of a Pampered Chef tool, even if she didn’t sell them the product, she offers to provide them coaching and recipes to learn to appreciate the tools they already have. This helps build her credibility and makes her feel good about helping others.

She also says “Don’t be afraid to hear no!”. In sales most people will tell you no, and that’s okay because you can’t find the Yes people without going through the No’s. Pampered Chef offers sales coaching where they encourage their Consultants to hear 9 no’s; they expect you have to hear at least 9 no’s before you find a yes.

Finally, Elayne offers several great takeaways for you:

1.) Define success for yourself! Everybody defines it differently!

2.) Teach your kids to cook! Helps them live a healthy life and takes the burden off you. Lets them show off their skills too!

Don’t do:

1.) Loaning somebody else money. Set a limit you are comfortable with knowing it might never be repaid, and never loan more than you are comfortable with.

2.) Don’t go after a dream thinking you will be rich by investing in something. Hard work provides a more stable and guaranteed reward!

3.) Don’t be afraid to say “no”.

4.) Discuss all investments with your financial adviser, take their advice that’s what you’re paying them for!

In conclusion you can see Elayne is just like the rest of us, a family woman with passions and a need to earn a stable income. Following her advice here can help you achieve your own defined successes!

If you would like to learn more about Pampered Chef or speak with Elayne directly please comment in and we can help!!

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