Travel Insurances worth their weight in gold

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” -Gustav Flaubert

Travel Insurance is a specific policy that protects you in various ways while you and your loved ones are traveling. While several companies sell travel insurance we highly recommend buying your policy from an experienced travel professional. Here’s why:

  • Every country has its own laws which likely differ from your home country’s
  • Knowing the local customs and courtesies are important, especially when disaster strikes
  • You should be made aware of the risks you might face when traveling, even within your own country
  • Knowing the risks and having a preparedness plan may be the best way to avoid disaster in the first place

So you’ve reached out to an experienced travel professional, you purchased your travel package, and now you are ready to buy insurance to protect yourself. What should you consider?

Here is a common list of insurance items to look for on your travel insurance policy:

Trip Cancellation
A qualifying event, usually medical-related, usually affecting you or a relative, may be a reason for needing to cancel your trip.

Trip Interruption
Often this can be quite broad, possibly including acts of terrorism, natural disasters, political unrest, and other unforeseen incidents that arise leading your trip to be interrupted or cancelled during your travel.

Acts of Terrorism
Some companies separate Acts of Terrorism and define them as acts carried out by a group meeting the US State Department’s definition of terrorism/terrorists. Yes, some carriers do protect you in the event of an Act of Terrorism!

What if you get sick or injured and your personal medical insurance won’t cover you? This is a very important item on your policy!

Medical Bedside
What if a companion/spouse is needed to come visit you and/or assist with your medical care, payments/paperwork, etc.? This helps cover the cost of transporting them to you.

Medical Repatriation/Repatriation of remains
Okay, you’ve been treated now you’re ready to return home. This helps cover the cost of return travel, even for a covered person who passed away during their travel.

Return of Dependents
What if you are traveling with your kids or persons under the age of 18, and/or who require adult supervision? This may cover returning them home or to somebody else who can care for them while you are unable to.

Transportation is another extremely important item! What if you have to be transported to another location/country due to an injury, natural disaster, criminal acts affecting you, terrorism, or other unforeseen events?

Baggage Loss
Nobody likes losing their luggage or having it stolen, and many of us travel with our favorite electronics, clothing, and other gear and valuables. This coverage can help you recoup some of the value of what disappeared.

Baggage Delay
What if you have to purchase additional items because your baggage is delayed? This helps cover those costs.

Often this is combined in trip interruption or cancellation, this protects you in the event a company goes out of business who you’ve booked a hotel, tour, or other event with.

Change Fee
What if you have to change your plane ticket, railway, rental car, or other travel plans either because of something listed above, or maybe because your travel provider made changes that caused this change and additional fees apply? This helps cover those additional costs

Loyalty Program Redeposit Fee
What if your trip is cancelled, and in order to retain your points on your credit card or other rewards program there is an additional fee to retain them? This can cover those fees

Travel Delays
What if something happens that causes you to incur additional expenses because of travel delays? Additional expenses may include meals, hotel rooms, rental car, etc.

We can’t stress enough the importance of keeping track of your receipts and making sure you understand what your travel insurance does and does not cover BEFORE you travel. If you need any assistance or have any questions we are here to help!

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