Die And Grieve Like A Pro


“Failing to plan is planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin

Have you ever thought how you plan to grieve when your loved ones pass away? Its okay to admit we haven’t made a plan for this, after all who wants to talk about dying? What if we told you talking about it now makes it easier all-around?

Jamie Sarche, Director with Feldman Mortuary in Denver and a TEDx speaker, was kind enough to share some of her insights on how we can all be better prepared for our passing and the passing of those we love.

Communication Is Key

First we have to admit we haven’t talked about this with our friends and family. Admitting we haven’t talked about it is the first step to beginning the conversation. Jamie specializes in this by getting together with her friends and clients to begin creating a path for bereavement for people they love most, and to have conversations that are tough to have. “We live in a society where people don’t talk about death which is the toughest part of life” Says Sarche, and you can really feel the passion in her voice!

Sarche says this is not about your assets, its about how to help people to grieve in the best way they can. We are talking about burial and beyond. This is about how to live on after the passing of a loved one and how to best honor their last wishes.

Death Comes With A Cost

What costs you might ask? Here are just a few:

-Unpaid debts
-Lost income
-Pain and suffering
-College tuition and student loans
-Medical bills

All these are on top of the costs of the funeral itself:

-Burial plot
-Grave stone
-Will or trust management
-Asset reallocation

On top of it all “Burials double in cost every 7-10 years!” warns Jamie!

Nervous about making plans?

Some people feel that making plans of this nature will cause them to happen. Unfortunately its fair to say we all die untimely, but we don’t have to die without a plan!

How Do I Form My Plan?

Start with a trusted advisor. Somebody who can help both with the right insurance and investment strategy, as well as somebody who can help you and your loved ones successfully grieve and communicate. Passion and Business must work together in this space.

We welcome you to reach out for further assistance through this space, and to check out Jamie’s TEDx talk for additional insight: https://youtu.be/SmsYxDvdcYc

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