Must Knows about Tax Attorney, CPA, and other Tax Pros


“There is no magic in magic, its all in the details” – Walt Disney

Nowadays we have so many tax options its like candy bars reaching out to us in the grocery store: Online tax sources, CPAs, Tax Attorneys, licensed tax professionals, etc. etc. What’s the right choice?

Simply put there isn’t one right choice. Just like insurance everybody is different with different discounts, needs, exposures, costs, etc.

If you’re filing as an individual or a family where income is from W2 sources I recommend getting a quote from several different sources (most folks offer free quotes and I personally won’t do business with somebody who doesn’t. Seeing is believing!).

What to look for:

  • Verifiable license/business (make sure you aren’t getting scammed)
  • Knowledgeable professional (do they know upcoming changes and current laws affecting you?)
  • State, Federal, and city/local refunds/filings (if applicable)
  • Reasonable explanations of how and why
  • Costs including fees

I also recommend NOT signing any documents waiving their liability if you are audited.

Do some looking around and get somebody lined up for next year so you can be sure to limit your exposure while maximizing the money you deserve back in your pocket!

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